Trump In Jail

Chaos In D.C. Reignites Trump Prop Bets For Impeachment, Resignation, & Pardon Odds

Can a sitting President pardon themselves for a crime that they have yet to be charged with? The legalities of this question could come in to play very soon as President Trump’s administration winds down over the next 12 days. In the chaos following the riots in the US Capitol, Congressional leaders are
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Trump Supporters In Capitol

Trump Twitter Props In-Play After Supporters Forcefully Enter US Capitol Building

President Trump warned that an intervention would be coming on January 6th when the US Senate planned to convene to certify Electoral College results that would pronounce Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. Early in the day, Vice President Mike Pence broke with his President and announced that he
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Joe Biden in profile in front of an American flag

Sportsbooks Look Toward Biden Presidency, Further Indicating Trump Loss

Now that the sportsbooks have declared Joe Biden as the next President of the United States, the country can safely move on and begin to consider what the next four years will bring under our newly elected leadership. All kidding aside, Trump has yet to acknowledge his 2020 Presidential Election loss, and with
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Hunter and Joe Biden smiling

John McCain’s Widow Endorses Biden, As Senate Report Condemns Hunter

There have been many high-profile Republicans that have spoken out against Donald Trump’s campaign and endorsed Joe Biden as the next POTUS. Former Ohio governor John Kasich even went as far as speaking at the Democratic National Convention to make a clear statement that the nation is in peril if it continues
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trump impeachment trial odds

Trump’s Removal From Office Odds Taken Down As Senate Impeachment Trial Nears End

You know something is a safe bet when even the political betting sites will no longer accept wagers on an outcome. But this appears to be the case with President Donald Trump’s removal from office odds via the impeachment trial currently still being held in the U.S. Senate. After Trump’s impeachment betting odds
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Bored Of The Trump Impeachment Trial? Try Betting On It Instead.

The historic impeachment trial of President Donald Trump began in the U.S. Senate earlier this week, but so far, the media coverage surrounding the proceedings has been one word: Boring. Normally placing political bets on something that’s very likely outcome could make things interesting, but it’s not whether even
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Trump’s Reelection Odds Hit All-Time High After House Votes To Send Impeachment Articles To Senate For Trial

In a year that’s certain to be filled with uncertainty, the 2020 presidential election betting market has made one thing abundantly clear. You can’t stump the Trump. At least that is—in essence—what people “putting money where their mouth is” think when real money is wagered on President Donald Trump’s reelection
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Donald Trump’s 2020 Reelection Odds Hit New High After Impeachment

Can any Democrat stump the Trump? It’s possible, but their chances of doing so are falling as we close the curtains on 2019. Despite getting impeached by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives last week, the political oddsmakers don’t see the two approves articles—abuse of power and obstruction of
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nancy pelosi mitch mcconnell senate removal vote

Despite Pelosi-McConnell Rumors, Senate Is Expected To Vote On Trump Removal

To say the impeachment of President Donald Trump has been a roller coaster might be an understatement. With the contentions between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Trump, along with a few Democrats and Republicans blurring the party-line voting, things are taking a life our their own. To make things even more
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