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Trump’s Removal From Office Odds Taken Down As Senate Impeachment Trial Nears End

You know something is a safe bet when even the political betting sites will no longer accept wagers on an outcome. But this appears to be the case with President Donald Trump’s removal from office odds via the impeachment trial currently still being held in the U.S. Senate. After Trump’s impeachment betting odds
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Donald Trump Nancy Pelosi

Odds Favor Trump Surviving First Term Following Impeachment Inquiry, Transcripts Released

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced yesterday that the House of Representatives has begun an official impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump regarding his most recent controversy. After a whistleblower within the White House claimed that Trump threatened to withhold military aid from Ukraine unless their
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Donald Trump

Trump Says He Will ‘VETO!’ Bill Blocking His Border Emergency Declaration After 12 GOP Senators Help It Pass

The President got angry with 12 Republican men and women this afternoon for voting against his biggest campaign promise. The Senate voted 59-41 in favor of the bill that would block the national border emergency declared by President Donald Trump (+230|30.30%), which he said he used to keep his campaign promise
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2020 Democratic Candidates

The 2020 Election Strategy: Dems vs Trump

With the 2020 Election nearing, the Democratic party is scrambling to find ways to defeat Trump and the GOP. Southern US states have typically been the stomping grounds for Republicans including Trump, so in 2020 Democrats are focusing their strategy on these red states to flip them blue. Dems are also being
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