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Luke has been with us since November of 2017 and contributes to several of our sites, including He is a talented singer and musician and leads a band that is popular in both north FL and south GA.

Luke keeps his personal political views pretty private. He has an open mind and generally sees the best in people, even politicians. He brings a balancing presence to the team, especially when tensions arise due to party lines. As you can imagine, the nature of the content on PEO does generate some heated discussions among our team, and Luke often diffuses things with his naturally calm demeanor.

In addition to writing content for the site, including news, Luke also helps with the development tasks, specifically maintaining current data through charts, graphs and odds posting, among other design elements.

Luke can be reached by email:


Trump and Biden debating

First Presidential Debate Featured Low Blows & Fireworks – More Debates Favored

Americans have been anticipating the first Presidential debate for weeks, and last night, the two 2020 candidates for POTUS shared the stage and cleared up any mysteries involving what audiences can expect from the content of their verbal exchanges. Calling them verbal exchanges is a bit of a reach. In all
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The Notorious ACB

Supreme Court Odds Imply Trump’s Pick Will Be Amy Coney Barrett

What once was considered forbidden territory by Republican officials is now an accepted practice, as the GOP rushes to confirm the next SCOTUS nominee before election night. November 3rd is the deadline, and Senate Republicans are showing their cards. But what do they reveal? You don’t need to possess the skills
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The Squad from the US House at a podium

What The Odds Tell Us About A DNC US House, Senate, & POTUS in 2020

Although we are just a few weeks out from November 3rd –  the date that Americans will venture to ballot boxes and select who they prefer to be the next President of the United States – there’s not much new activity when it comes to betting on the 2020 Presidential candidates. The betting odds for […]
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Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham walking together with masks on

McConnell Ahead, Graham Close In Senate Reelection Races

For some reason, betting lines for which political party would control the US House of Representatives and the US Senate disappeared from international sportsbooks over the past few weeks. The DNC has had a stranglehold on control of the US House since they gained a majority during the 2018 election cycle, a grip
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joe biden standing in front of barack obama at podium

BetOnline Puts Barack Obama On VP Betting Boards, But Is He Eligible?

Folks, we love BetOnline. We’ve been members there since they first hit the scene, and they consistently offer some of the best election betting odds and sportsbook lines in the industry. They’re also some of the most creative bookmakers in the world, posting props that no other site would dare publish. They are,
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articles of impeachment hearing

Trump Odds Don’t Favor Removal With Articles Of Impeachment Possible This Week

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said Sunday that lawmakers could vote on the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump as early as this week. The panel is waiting until their hearing today before drafting specific articles. “There are possible drafts that various people are writing,”
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mark sanford

Longshot 2020 GOP Candidate Mark Sanford Drops Out As Trump Impeachment Consumes Media

Despite having longshot odds of becoming the Republican nominee, this week saw one of the few legitimate GOP challengers to Donald Trump bow out of the 2020 race. After launching his 2020 presidential campaign in September—receiving +3300 odds to beat Trump, 2.94% chance—former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford
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