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Luke has been with us since November of 2017 and contributes to several of our sites, including PresidentialElectionOdds.net. He is a talented singer and musician and leads a band that is popular in both north FL and south GA.

Luke keeps his personal political views pretty private. He has an open mind and generally sees the best in people, even politicians. He brings a balancing presence to the team, especially when tensions arise due to party lines. As you can imagine, the nature of the content on PEO does generate some heated discussions among our team, and Luke often diffuses things with his naturally calm demeanor.

In addition to writing content for the site, including news, Luke also helps with the development tasks, specifically maintaining current data through charts, graphs and odds posting, among other design elements.

Luke can be reached by email: Luke@presidentialelectionodds.net

Website: https://www.presidentialelectionodds.net/

Donald Trump Nancy Pelosi

Odds Favor Trump Surviving First Term Following Impeachment Inquiry, Transcripts Released

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced yesterday that the House of Representatives has begun an official impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump regarding his most recent controversy. After a whistleblower within the White House claimed that Trump threatened to withhold military aid from Ukraine unless their
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Donald Trump making faces

President Trump Twitter Prop Bets: Odds For Which 2020 Democratic Candidate Gets Nicknamed Next

Don’t worry: We promise this is not #fakenews. But oddsmakers chose to have a little fun today and posted some prop bets on President Donald Trump (+230) after his 50-tweet tirade on Twitter over the weekend. When the dust “somewhat” settled on Monday morning, the only person, place, or thing he didn’t lash out at
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E. Warren at a debate

Elizabeth Warren Will Enter 2020 Presidential Race This Weekend Despite Native American Claims

It’s hard to imagine the revelation — and the timing of it — won’t hurt Elizabeth Warren’s odds of winning the 2020 Democratic nomination. But the U.S. senator from Massachusetts told the Boston Herald today that she still plans to jump into the presidential race on Saturday and seek the Democratic nomination
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