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John Lloyd

John's passion for political betting emerged when he joined our team to write news and content for His laid back disposition allows him to write about politics, even the nitty-gritty topics, without getting too emotionally worked up or compromised.

John's skills allow him to also perform as one of our lead web developers for this site. When John isn't writing about politics or jazzing up our site, he spends time as a musician and songwriter and performs professionally throughout the South East region of the US.

John hails from south GA and has lived in Georgia for most of his life. His gifts as a talented performer allow him to bring a strong creative element to the table.

John can be reached by email:


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Bernie Leading All Dems In NH, Still Can’t Trump The Donald For Best Election Odds

The New Hampshire primaries are on Tuesday, and there is tremendous interest to see how the field coalesces after last week’s Iowa Caucastrophe. After that four-star ****show, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders – who came away from the nation’s first party vote in a virtual dead heat with Pete Buttigieg and earned 12
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2020 Campaign Merch You Can Bet On This Holiday Season

Regardless of your political affiliation (or perhaps in spite of it!), you can find some of the most topical and amusing holiday gifts at the official shops for the 2020 Presidential hopefuls. Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers for like-minded friends or trying to egg(nog) on a contrarian family member
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Trump’s Reelection Odds Steady As GOP Challengers Invent Latest Scandal

The Three Stooges are making a comeback. And, as has become a tired cliché in the entertainment industry, they’re calling President Donald Trump a coward. Of course, we’re not talking about Larry, Curly, and Moe (or even Shemp), here. No, these stooges are the announced challengers to Trump in the 2020 Republican
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