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Chris joined our team in mid-2018 and has since become quite the betting aficionado. His love for politics began at a young age, and after following various politicians throughout the years, he decided he'd prefer to write political news rather than become political news.

He received his journalism degree from the esteemed Univerisity of Florida (Go Gators!) and when he's not following politics he enjoys playing video games, sports betting, watching football, and writing content for various video gaming websites.

Chris has lived in the Tallahassee area since graduating from college and intends to make his mark as a Gator in this Seminole loving college town. Though PEO headquarters is based in Tallahassee, we have ended up with several Gators on staff.

Chris can be reached by email:


Bill Weld Launches 2020 Campaign

Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld Becomes First to Challenge President Trump for 2020 GOP Nomination

It looks like the president now has his first primary challenger for 2020. Former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld announced on Friday that he will challenge President Donald Trump in the 2020 Republican presidential primary. “I hope to see the Republican Party assume once again the mantle of being the party
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