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2018 Midterm Election Betting Odds Still Available On Tight Races

Betting late than never, right?

While most of the races in the 2018 Midterm Elections have been decided, some key races and outcomes still have betting lines available.

This is due to the races being too close to call, or because the state requires a recount should the victory fall within a certain margin.

Below are the current betting odds still available on the 2018 midterms from Bovada. To view the lines and place a bet on any of these races, click here.

2018 US Senate Election Winner – Florida

Bill Nelson (D) +900

Rick Scott (R) -3000

Current Florida Senate Race Results

Votes reporting: 100%

Bill Nelson (D) 49.8% – 4,039,298

Rick Scott (R) 50.2% – 4,073,835

Race Breakdown: Scott holds a 34,700-vote lead out of over 8.1 million ballots casts, making the margin of his victory 0.42%. Florida state law requires a recount on any race where the difference is less than 0.5%, meaning

2018 US Senate Election Winner – Arizona

Martha McSally (R) -1000

Kyrsten Sinema (D) +600

Current Arizona Senate Race Results

Votes reporting: 99%

Martha McSally (R) 3% – 850,043

Kyrsten Sinema (D) 48.4% – 834,135

Race Breakdown: Ballots are still being counted and currently McSally has less than a 16,000-vote lead. Election officials plan to update the count at 5 p.m. every day until all the ballots are counted. An automatic recount in Arizona only happens if the margin is within 0.1% or within 200 votes. The Arizona secretary of state will need to make the results official by Dec. 3.

2018 US Senate Election Winner – Montana

Jon Tester (D) -450

Matt Rosendale (R) +325

Current Montana Senate Race Results

Votes reporting: 88%

Jon Tester (D) 48.7% – 211,596

Matt Rosendale (R) 48.4% – 210,575

Race Breakdown: Barely 1,000 votes separate Tester from Rosendale with the votes still being counted in 82 precincts. Montana state laws require a recount if the margin separating the winning candidate from the candidate in second place is 0.25 or less.

2018 US Senate Election – Closest Race

Florida -1000

Arizona +450

Montana +850

Current Closest Senate Race

Florida Margin: 0.4%, Will Recount

Arizona Margin: 0.9% Counting Ballots

Montana Margin: 0.3%, Counting Ballots

Race Breakdown: Currently, the Montana Senate race has the smallest margin, but the votes are still being counted there and in Arizona. Florida is finished counting but state laws require a recount, so the current margin could change.

2018 US Senate Election – Exact Republican Senate Seats After Midterms

56 +2500

55 +300

54 -250

53 +550

52 +2500

Current Senate Seat Count Prediction

Republicans: 54

Democrats: 46

Senate Breakdown: The Republicans have slim leads in Florida and Arizona, while Montana is leaning to the Democrats by the slimmest of margins. If all results stay as they are after legal challenges and recounts, then the GOP will have 54 Senate Seats.

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