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Presidential Odds for Dwayne The Rock Johnson in 2024

The Rock Says Nil Regarding The 2024 Presidential Election Odds For Dwayne Johnson

As political oddsmakers gear up for betting on the midterm elections, there’s always an eagle eye kept on the next Presidential election cycle and the potential candidates that could enter the race and become major players.

In the ever-growing room of political betting, the elephant contained therein is former President Donald J. Trump. He proved that someone from outside the realm of politics could become the elected leader of the United States, and that their celebrity status could be used as a benefit and not a burden.

Online sports betting sites have that in mind when projecting the 2024 Presidential Candidates, and we can smell something cooking in the election odds that suggest another celebrity is poised to make waves.

2024 Presidential Election Odds




Kamala Harris +400

Joe Biden +450

Donald Trump Sr. +500

Ron DeSantis +900

Nikki Haley +2000

Mike Pence +2500

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +3000

Dwayne Johnson+3300

Michelle Obama +3300

Cory Booker +4000

Elizabeth Warren +4000

Pete Buttigieg +4000

Ted Cruz +4000

Amy Klobuchar +5000

Andrew Cuomo +5000

Dan Crenshaw +5000

Donald Trump Jr. +5000

Joe Biden +350

Kamala Harris +400

Donald Trump +500

Ron DeSantis +900

Nikki Haley +1200

Mike Pence +1600

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +1600

Tucker Carlson +2500

Ivanka Trump +2500

Ted Cruz +3000

Dwayne Johnson +3000

Michelle Obama +3000

Mike Pompeo +4000

Pete Buttigieg +4000

Cory Booker +4000

Kristi Noem +5000

Elizabeth Warren +5000

Donald Trump Sr. +275

Joe Biden +325

Kamala Harris +500

Ron DeSantis +1050

Pete Buttigieg +1600

Nikki Haley +1750

Mike Pence +2000

Elizabeth Warren +2500

Tucker Carlson +3300

Andrew Yang +4000

Mike Pompeo +4000

Kristi Noem +4500

Mark Cuban +5000

Amy Klobuchar +5000

Ted Cruz +5000

Gavin Newsom +5000

Dwayne Johnson +6000

The above table comparing what top sportsbooks have posted in regard to political futures odds reveals that betting on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to become President in 2024 can pay out handsomely if he wins the next election.

While it may appear that he has loads of contenders to deal with, the Rock has only uttered half-hearted whispers of his intentions running for President in the future with no indication of a timeline.

He backed President Joe Biden in the last election, so that should only hurt his odds of running against him. However, Dwayne Johnson’s current moneyline grants him a much better chance of winning than the likes of Kanye West who actually appeared on the ballot in many states in 2020.

That’s important because if “The Rock for President” campaign actually launches, his odds will likely move much closer to even. The 2024 elections could become more intriguing if Johnson were to run as an independent as opposed to aligning himself with the DNC or Republican Party.

Betting odds for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to become the 2024 Presidential Nominee for the Democratic Party or the GOP are absent from the boards at the moment, and that is because there is a lack of certainty as to which side of the aisle he falls on.

Sure, The Rock supported Biden in 2020, but it can be assumed that he was merely opposing Trump instead of going all-in as a left-leaning liberal.

The same can be said for Donald Trump prior to becoming a factor in the 2016 Presidential Elections. He had donated to the Clintons in prior years, but once he issued policies that a large base of Republicans could get behind, Trump not only became relevant, he won.

Can the same happen for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in 2024?

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