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Dave is a Florida State University graduate and one of the few Seminoles on board. He joined our team in the summer of 2019 and though his time is split between PEO and some of our other websites, he brings a unique presence to the political front.

Dave takes politics seriously but loves to find ways to include humor in the discussion to take the 'edge' of heated conversations that can arise when discussing controversial topics that arise. He handles the diverse range of material presented by the current political landscape very graciously, keeping things unbiased (for the most part).

Dave recognizes that it isn't our place to influence political beliefs, that's really not what this site is about. We want to provide a bridge between politics and betting entertainment, and Dave does this very well.

You can contact Dave by email: dave@presidentialelectionodds.net

Website: https://www.presidentialelectionodds.net/

DeSantis 2024 POTUS election odds

Presidential Election Odds For Ron DeSantis Improve Following GOP Straw Poll

The Western Conservative Summit is a meeting of major players in the realm of conservative politics that has gathered annually in Denver, Colorado since 2010. The 2021 incarnation of the WCS prompted a straw poll that produced some rather interning results. 2021 Western Conservative Summit Straw Poll Totals 74%
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Lindsey Standing in front of Trump clinching his fist

Supreme Court Rules Trump’s Tax Records Can Be Subpoenaed – So He Bashes Sen. Graham?

So much for that pesky audit that has been keeping Trump from releasing his tax returns for the past five years. On Thursday, the United States Supreme Court ruled that President Donald Trump’s tax records can indeed be subpoenaed, despite his suggestion otherwise. If it weren’t for a mysterious audit
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Trump vs Biden 2020 odds with Lysol

Trump VS Biden 2020 Odds Tighten As ‘Dr. Donald’ Goes Viral

With the United States COVID-19 spread rate showing the curve flattening over the past couple of weeks, online sportsbooks continue to see bettors back the 2020 reelection chances of President Donald Trump — the virtually unchallenged Republican incumbent. However, the recent comments made by “Dr. Donald Trump”
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Joe Biden Bernie Sanders odds polls favorites

Favorites Biden, Sanders Must Get Through Each Other Before Trump In 2020

Maybe some people have forgotten that Sen. Bernie Sanders was almost the Democratic nominee in 2016 before losing to Hillary Clinton. Trying again this time around, Sanders is currently surging in numbers as 2019 comes to an end. However, not only is President Donald Trump favored for reelection next year, but
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nancy pelosi mitch mcconnell senate removal vote

Despite Pelosi-McConnell Rumors, Senate Is Expected To Vote On Trump Removal

To say the impeachment of President Donald Trump has been a roller coaster might be an understatement. With the contentions between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Trump, along with a few Democrats and Republicans blurring the party-line voting, things are taking a life our their own. To make things even more
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