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Mike Pence contemplating the odds of a 2024 Presidential run

GOP Presidential Odds Leader Mike Pence Plans Organization To Defend Trump Administration

Joe Biden’s administration is officially underway now that former President Trump’s Senate Impeachment Hearings have concluded with a verdict of not guilty.

The Republican Party is now focusing their attention on the 2022 mid-term election cycle now that they’ve given up their Senate majority, allowing for DNC control of the executive and both legislative branches of the US Government.

Following the attempted insurgency at the US Capitol Building on January 6th, Mike Pence has adopted a more favorable stance among the American public.

Former Vice President Pence has historically acted as Trump’s silent assistant, but his predicament on the 6th has placed him in a sympathetic light, and he is now featured as the most likely Republican Presidential nominee for 2024 at some online political sportsbooks.

Odds For Mike Pence To Become The 2024 GOP Presidential Nominee





Mike Pence’s betting odds to become the GOP nominee in 2024 suggest that either he or Donald Trump will earn the nod, depending on which book you do business with.

The above money lines for Pence illustrate the importance of belonging to more than one sports betting site so that customers can select the odds that will pay out the highest for the same outcome.

Mike Pence spoke with CNN this week and stated that he is forming a political organization to rebuild the GOP’s image and defend the actions of the Trump/Pence administration over the past four years.

The deck has not been this stacked against the Republican Party since 2009 when the DNC held a similar advantage, and if things go as planned, Pence could parlay his current sympathetic stance into a 2024 GOP nomination to become the next POTUS.

While Pence is prominently featured in the nomination predictions, his overall odds to become the next President are not as promising.

Mike Pence 2024 Presidential Election Odds





Political bettors that intend to cash in on Pence’s odds will earn more at Bovada than if they opt for BetOnline. If you bet $100 on Mike Pence at both sportsbooks, Bovada would payout at $1,600 as opposed to BetOnline’s $1,200.

BetOnline feels more confident in a Pence election victory than Bovada does, therefore they are not willing to risk as much of their money on bets placed on him to win.

Despite BetOnline showing more confidence in Pence’s potential than Bovada, neither political prop bet considers him to have a legitimate shot at winning.

For example, +1600 odds translate to a 6% chance of occurring, while +1200 is not much better, improving the probability to 8%.

Despite the hardships experienced by Pence on January 6th, he and Trump appear to be on good terms and are aligned in their efforts to place their regime into a better light and work toward gaining Congressional seats in 2022.

What is unclear at this time is the Presidential intent of Pence, as Trump will certainly run again in 2024. Would Pence be on the Trump ticket again? Bettors must come to their own conclusion to this question before laying any action on former Vice President Mike Pence’s chances.

Betting Odds: BetOnline, Bovada

Source: CNN

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