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Sportsbooks Drop New Senate Race Props As Highest Bidder Implodes Trump Plaza

We have been covering the Georgia Senate runoff races regularly since the wrap-up of the 2020 Presidential election.

But is it really a wrap?

Recently a new “Boycott Georgia” movement has spurred around social media, most notably on Twitter and its less censored bother – Parler. The trend is a reaction against the loss of Donald Trump in the general election, and especially his loss in Georgia.

Here are some examples of comments proponents of the movement are making.

The hashtags #CrookedLoeffler and #CrookedPerdue are trending among anti-election, pro-Trump activists. The Republican party has been slow to acknowledge President Trump’s defeat. Still, Mitch McConnell’s recent concession has led the way for other top GOP lawmakers to distance themselves from the President’s voter fraud rhetoric.

And Trump loyalists are not so happy about that.

Seeing the election as truly rigged, Trump and his acolytes have sewn a rift in the party between them and the establishment Republicans. Any GOP member that is not actively vying for Trump’s fatigued rigged-election allegations have become bedfellows with the “radical communist” Democrats.

While GOP top-dogs like Mike Pence have urged Georgians to go out and vote for the future of the Senate, and therefore the country, Donald Trump’s recent tweets have done little to assuage the patriotic charisma of his fan base.

Tweets are more than anything – just Tweets. But, this set of opposing comments from Mike Pence and Donald Trump highlights the big problem that stands in front of the Republican Party: how to proceed in a post-Trump world, and how the GOP maintains Trump’s voter base after ushering the populist out of office?

While only time can answer these questions, the one on our minds is will this social media buzz have any tangible effect on the Georgia Senate election odds?

New moneylines show that the race will be tight, and a possible mass boycott may be the extra push needed to swing the odds in the Democrats’ favor.

Loeffler/Warnock Senate Runoff winner’s margin

  • Under 2 percent -150
  • Over 2 percent +110

Perdue/Ossoff Senate Runoff winner’s margin

  • Under 2½ percentage -150
  • Over 2½ percentage +110

And just for continuity’s sake, here are the odds on the Georgia Senate races’ outright winners.

U.S. Senate Election Winner – Georgia (Special Election)

  • Kelly Loeffler (R) -135
  • Raphael Warnock (D) +105

U.S. Senate Runoff Election Winner – Georgia (General Election)

  • David Perdue (R) -185
  • Jon Ossoff (D) +140

Which Party Will Control The Senate After the 2020 Election?

  • Republican Party -240
  • Democratic Party +175

Moreover, one sportsbook, BetOnline, dropped a new odd for the bid to implode the Atlantic City Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino.

The city recently agreed to demolish the structure, which has been left abandoned and in deteriorating condition after bankruptcy in 2014. Now, Atlantic City residents can bid to push the “explode” button.

Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Smalls, predicts the highest bid will exceed one million dollars. The proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City, a non-profit providing services to at-risk children and teens in the area.

Winning bid to Blow up Trump Plaza

  • Under 1 million -300
  • Over 1 million +200


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