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Current Odds On Election Night

Huge Change In Betting Odds On Election Night

In an unprecedented shift in betting odds, Trump has moved to the frontrunner position to win the 2016 United States Presidential Election late into the evening on Election Night. The odds for a Trump victory went from +350 a few days ago to -400 on election night, with Clinton dropping down to +300. There are several possible reasons for this.

Trump’s victory in Ohio was a strong point for him, and his lead in Florida and North Carolina are a bolster to his position as well. This comes after hearing for the last week that Clinton was a shoe in. Looks like the shoe is on the other foot now, and Trump is on his way to making America Great again.

This flip in the odds came out of nowhere. In all honesty, we didn’t see it coming either. We’ve seen the presidential betting odds declare Hillary the frontrunner since the race began, and we weren’t really expecting to see it change at the last hour.

There have been people following the odds for months that put their money on Hillary to win the presidency. This is the joy, the beauty and the pain of gambling. These are the risk factors that get our adrenalyn flowing and our blood pumping.

Not very long ago, the largest bet ever placed at a sportsbook was a $600K wager for Clinton to win. We imagine that the women who placed that bet is not all that pleased this evening as she watches the election results and the odds unfold. As we are writing this, Ohio and North Carolina were called for Trump, which does give Trump some solid ground for a potential good outcome tonight.

Florida is still too close to call, but Trump is leading as of 10:49 PM EST. If he gets Florida, we will possibly see his lead increase even more. The political betting lines at Bovada are still actionable, so we recommend you place your bets while you still can!

The betting lines are still open as of 10:45 eastern time. You can still bet live at either Bovada Sportsbook or Betonline Sportsbook.

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