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Prop Bets For Trump's Speech

Interesting Prop Bets During GOP Convention 2016

There has been quite a bit of drama and intrigue surrounding the 2016 Republican National Convention thus far ranging from plagiarism accusations to NeverTrump protests. Those watching the events unfold will be unable to find a single dull moment, and the betting odds are not going to disappoint either.

The leading sportsbooks such as Betonline have posted an array of interesting prop bets that focus on the part of the GOP National Convention that Donald J. Trump will give his speech and accept the Republican Presidential Nomination.

Prop bets are sometimes the most enjoyable lines that are posted when it comes to betting on politics or sports. These types of bets do not require much understanding of odds or predictability, and therefore are a great way for even casual betters to get involved in wagering. Couple the user friendly accessibility of props bets with a controversial figure such as Donald Trump, and you’ve got a recipe for some interesting political betting lines.

For this year’s Republican National Convention, several components of Trump’s speech are targeted for wagering, including if and how frequently specific phrases will be used, what color his tie is, and how many times he will have to take a boo break. Most of the lines are over/under, yes/no, or more than/less than options rather than having to come up with a specific number.

One example of how these prop bets work is a line that prompts the bettor to predict whether or not Trump will use the complete phrase ‘all lives matter’. The odds are currently set at +190 that he will use the complete phrase, and -240 that he won’t.

The reflected lines show that the odds are greater that he will use the complete phrase as opposed to using a portion of it or not using it at all. Since the odds are lower that he will not use the complete phrase, those odds will pay out higher should they predict the actual outcome.

Other lines that are available for wagering on Trump’s RNC 2016 speech include the whether he will use these phrases: Bernie Sanders, black lives matter, build a wall, LeBron James, Obamacare and Supreme Court. There are lines predicting how many times times he will say crooked Hillary and make American great again.

There is an over/under line to predict the number of words in his speech, a line for predicting the color of his tie, and a line for predicting how many boo breaks will occur. Lastly, there is a line that asks the bettor which word will be used first from among these terms: Bernie, Sanders, Hillary and Clinton.

These props were created based on the tendencies of Trump during previous speeches and how he has behaved during his campaign. The odds for and against the specific outcomes have been calculated by professional odds makers and are offered by some of the premium online sportsbooks with political betting odds that we ourselves participate in wagering at.

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