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Where To Bet On 2024 Presidential Election Results

In the United States, it’s legal to bet on elections and other political fares, but you won’t find any such odds at US-based sportsbooks. So if you’re looking for where to bet on 2024 Presidential election results, you’ll need to use one of the top election betting sites, each of which operates safely and legally outside of US jurisdiction. Of course, there are so many online sportsbooks out there that it can be difficult to know which ones to trust. After all, for betting sites, 2024 election odds are a major moneymaker, and you’ll need to ensure that the venue you choose is reputable, time-tested, secure, and offers guaranteed payouts when your ballot hits the jackpot.

Fortunately, our brief guide for where to bet on the election is everything you need to make an informed wager with a first-class operator.

Is It Legal To Bet On Elections In The US?

Yes! You can legally wager at any site offering 2020 election betting odds, provided that these sportsbooks are based outside of the US. While there are no federal laws barring election betting with domestic operators, most states ban the practice at the state level, and no state currently offers political odds of any kind.

Even Nevada doesn’t allow patrons to wager on election betting odds, though they do release them as hypothetical lines to get customers to their normal sportsbooks and casinos. But as long as you use an international bookmaker, you can safely and legally wager on US politics.

Note: Residents of WA are nominally barred from all online gambling, though we’ve never heard of anyone from that state getting fined or arrested for participating in the pastime. Still, if you live in Washington, please proceed only at your own risk.

Best Online Sportsbooks For Presidential Election Betting Odds

At most online betting sites, US elections are big business, and the 2020 election is the biggest business of all. The following international bookmakers have made Presidential election betting odds part of their daily offerings for years, and each is held in the highest regard in the online gambling community.

If you want the best lines for the 2020 Presidential election and other races, these books have them, and payouts are always guaranteed!

Bovada Sportsbook – Voted America’s Best Political Betting Site

Bovada election odds are an industry mainstay, as they’ve been offered for the last several races. Of course, you can do a lot more than just bet on the Presidential election at Bovada, as the site offers political odds of all kinds, as well as sports betting lines from around the world. Operating inside of the legal gaming district of Costa Rica, Bovada is a one-stop shop for all things gambling online, with a full casino, poker room, and racebook on tap. Bovada Presidential election lines are some of the highest-value odds in the industry, and the site should be your first choice when gambling on elections for the first time.

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👍 Pros:

  • Bitcoin + Bitcoin Cash accepted
  • Bovada 2020 election odds feature all the latest lines
  • Full sportsbook, racebook, poker room, casino
  • 24/7 customer service via live chat, email, telephone
  • US residents welcome aged 18+

👎 Cons:

  • Bovada election betting open to US residents only
  • Excluded states: DE, MD, NJ, NV

BetOnline Sportsbook – Election Odds For Every State + Crazy Props

BetOnline election odds are extremely varied, and the site often has the best 2020 election props out of any major online sportsbook. If something weird is afoot, BetOnline will almost always have action on it. From Presidential debates and Twitter props to declarations of war and the next terrorist to be captured, you can put money on just about every political issue you can imagine.

At BetOnline, Presidential election odds are the most popular non-sports betting market, and we’re confident that when you place your “vote” with the bookmaker, it’ll actually count.

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👍 Pros:

  • Licensed and regulated in Panama City, Panama
  • Longevity in the industry – Gold standard since 2004
  • Most varied 2020 political prop bets
  • Full sportsbook, casino, poker room, racebook
  • Most deposit and withdrawal options + Bitcoin
  • Accepts US residents at 18+

👎 Cons:

  • Does not currently accept bets from NJ residents
  • Election odds sometimes payout less than other sites

MyBookie Sportsbook – Comprehensive Presidential Odds For 2020

At MyBookie, 2020 election odds have become a mainstay this cycle. While the site’s only been around since 2014 and has only one major US election under its belt, the MyBookie 2020 Presidential election odds offer some of the best values anywhere. With an emphasis on American bettors, MyBookie offers the most alternate lines anywhere (i.e. Kanye 2020 election odds), and their sportsbook, casino, and racebook similarly carry US favorites first and foremost. And, with a new site design just launched, betting on MyBookie election odds is easier than ever from your iPhone or Android device.

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👍 Pros:

  • Licensed and regulated in Curacao
  • Leading US-centric sportsbook, racebook + casino
  • Bitcoin + altcoins accepted
  • MyBookie election odds include fringe players, pop-culture favorites
  • 24/7 customer care with live chat on-site
  • Great bonuses + rapid payouts

👎 Cons:

  • Excluded states: NJ, NV, NY
  • No poker room

BookMaker Sportsbook – No Term Limits For The Original Political Betting Site!

Founded in 1996, BookMaker has been offering Presidential election odds since Slick Willy was in office. The site offers more granular lines than its competitors, usually shifting in increments of one or two points instead of the industry-standard five points. This allows for more value to be wrangled out of certain lines for bettors paying close attention. Licensed and regulated in Costa Rica, BookMaker is among the oldest and most trusted operators on the Internet. For BookMaker election betting in 2020, you’ll get all the lines you expect, from Biden VP odds to state-by-state electoral outcomes and everything in between. New members who join BookMaker can get a $1000 Welcome Cash Bonus, and the site offers a comprehensive international sportsbook and racebook for fans of non-political fare.

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👍 Pros:

  • One of the Internet’s original election betting sites
  • Granular lines on politics, sports, horse racing
  • Full online casino
  • Valuable cash bonuses
  • Easy Bitcoin deposits via Coinmama
  • Accepts players from all 50 US states (18+)

👎 Cons:

  • Outdated site design on desktop and mobile
  • No poker room

Why Can’t I Bet On 2024 Election Odds At Domestic Sportsbooks?

You’d think that when it comes to something as big as a Presidential election, betting odds would be available at all the major domestic sportsbooks in the US. After all, there’s no federal laws banning the practice.

However, most states with legal sports betting have crafted their rules and regulations around Vegas traditions, and Sin City – its name notwithstanding – has long deferred on political odds. Thus, it’s become the de facto standard for US sportsbooks not to offer US election betting odds. In some states – like WV – domestic election betting is actually explicitly illegal.

However, such laws target bookmakers, not bettors, which means that it’s legal to bet on politics via offshore operators (with the exception of WA residents, as outlined above).

Fortunately, as the Presidential election date nears, you won’t have to miss out on can’t-miss lines. As long as you wager on elections with certified international books, your bets are in the bag – with no hanging chads!

Important 2020 Election Dates

Part of knowing where to bet on Presidential election action is being aware of important election dates for the current 2020 cycle.

Most reputable sportsbooks will not post prop odds for debates and other time-sensitive events until those events are just around the corner, which means that you need to keep abreast of the calendar so you can jump on the odds the second they’re offered.

The following dates are the most important for the 2020 election betting market, so bookmark us so you never miss a line.

2020 Democratic Primary Elections

While Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee and almost every Democratic primary election date has passed, there are a few primaries remaining in play, and you might find some odds here and there (though most books won’t offer them with Biden being the almost certain winner in the states left on the docket).

Still, it is important to go back and look over all these dates – and Biden’s winning margins in each state – as this data will help you make informed bets on state electoral outcomes and the general election winner in November.

2020 Republican Primary Elections

As the incumbent and presumptive nominee due to the lack of credible challengers, Donald Trump was a foregone conclusion for most books. As such, in the 2020 election cycle, none of the major operators offered GOP betting odds for any primary races.

In fact, many Republican primaries were canceled in 2020, as the GOP sought to save as much money as possible for important down-ticket races in competitive states.

Because Trump is the incumbent, his primary numbers will not be particularly informative for the general election, though some states can be assessed per his overall turnout numbers.

Democratic National Convention

This is where the real drama is, at least before the Presidential debates. For most of the cycle, any time you’ve found where to bet on politics, you’ve found odds on whether or not there would be a contested convention. That is, you’ve gotten odds on whether or not Joe Biden would actually be selected by the DNC to be the main candidate.

Poor debate performances could spur the party to get the candidate to step aside, opening the door to other potential candidates that remain on the Democrat betting odds boards.

The Democratic National Convention 2020 dates are as follows:

  • August 17-20, 2020

Republican National Convention

Regarding betting odds, the 2020 election will not garner much – if any – action on the GOP convention. Trump is the incumbent and has wide support within the party.

Further, the convention itself is rumored to be a private affair, as the nominee – The Donald – is a foregone conclusion. While there is some drama with the DNC convention, the GOP convention is a mere formality.

The Republican National Convention 2020 date is currently slated for the following:

  • August 24-27, 2020

2020 Presidential Debate Schedule

After the candidacies for both the Democratic nominee and the Republican nominee are finalized and made official, then the real fireworks start.

If you’re still looking for where to bet on 2020 election odds once the conventions are over, you’ll want to check out all the sites listed here and compare their Presidential debate props.

The ones with the best, most creative odds for this trio of on-stage showdowns is the one you’ll want to pick, though you may also find that each site offers its own unique lines (in which case we recommend joining all three).

The tentative Trump vs. Biden debate schedule is as follows:

  • September 29, 2020 – Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH)
  • October 15, 2020 – Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts (Miami, FL)
  • October 22, 2020 – Belmont University (Nashville, TN)

2020 Presidential Election

Once all that other stuff is out of the way, it’s time for America’s final answer. That, of course, will come on the Presidential election date:

  • November 3, 2020

Of course, because of the coronavirus outbreak and the opportunistic push in many states to pursue vote by mail (as opposed to absentee ballot voting), the election will likely strain US postal delivery services to the point where – should the races be at all close (and they very likely will be) – the American public won’t get their answer for up to several weeks after the November 3 vote.

Should this happen, the best betting sites for Presidential election action will all have rules posted with their lines regarding when payouts will be settled and sent out. Even if you deposit using Bitcoin and score a same-day payout from your betting site of choice, you likely won’t be able to receive your winnings for several weeks until after the election concludes.

Truth be told, it’s precisely because the 2020 Presidential election is bound to be so messy, contested, and delayed that you’ll want to pick only the most reputable, time-tested sportsbooks in the business. Where to bet on the election is more crucial than ever in 2020, which is why we strongly recommend only the best books in the business.

2020 Election Betting Sites FAQs

Can I bet on the Presidential election online?

Yes! In fact, if you’re looking for where to bet on 2020 election odds, online is the only possible way to do so legally and safely. Each of the overseas betting sites listed here host a multitude of political odds to choose from, and as the debate dates and general election near, you’ll see more lines than ever across the board.

What are the best betting sites for Presidential election odds?

“Best” comes down to personal preference, as each of the top sites we recommend have different odds on each race and outcome. Further, they all have brand-new site designs for desktop and mobile election betting, so you might simply like one interface better than the others and make your pick accordingly. The main thing is that each sportsbook is time-tested, legitimate, safe, secure, and guaranteed to pay out your winnings in a timely and reliable manner. Nevertheless, even if you favor one site over the others, please always shop lines to get the best values on any political wager you’re looking to place.

Is Bovada legal to bet on Presidential election outcomes?

Yes! Bovada is a legal international sportsbook dedicated to the US marketplace, and it’s the most popular, well-regarded online sportsbook and election betting site in the world. Because Bovada operates out of Costa Rica, they are able to accept real money Presidential election bets from US residents in 45 of 50 states (excluding DE, MD, NJ, NY, and NV).

Is BetOnline legit for 2020 election betting odds?

Absolutely. BetOnline is licensed and regulated in Panama City, Panama, and it’s been serving US gamblers for over 15 years. The site is dedicated to transparency and holds itself to the highest industrial standards. Even better, aside from its legal status, BetOnline also posts some of the most legit (and legitimately entertaining) election props anywhere. If you want to bet on whether or not Trump’s tie will extend past his belt buckle, BetOnline is your sportsbook!

Is MyBookie legit as an election betting site?

MyBookie may be the new kid on the voting bloc, but it’s established itself as a reliable sportsbook and casino. For its second major election since its 2014 launch, you can bet that MyBookie (which should be your bookie) will pull out all the stops so you can go all in on your candidates of choice. Among the many betting sites for Presidential election odds and lines, MyBookie stands tall with the cream of the crop. If only we could say the same for all those politicians…

What are the betting odds on the election at each different site?

These fluctuate and could change at literally any moment between now and November, but for most of mid-2020, the main election odds have held steady at the following (plus or minus a few points): • Bovada: Biden -165, Trump +140 • BetOnline: Biden -170, Trump +140 • MyBookie: Biden -170, Trump +100

Why are the betting lines different between sites?

One of the biggest election betting edges you can get is by having a free membership at several different sites. That’s because these sites all compete with one another for your business. For example, if you find a line you like at Bovada, you should always check out what the same bet offers at BetOnline and MyBookie. Take Trump’s odds per the above: If you think Donald Trump will win reelection, Bovada will give you +140 odds, as will BetOnline. However, MyBookie will only give you +100 odds. Here, you’d want to go with Bovada or BetOnline, because those lines pay out substantially more for the same bet compared to what MyBookie offers. Odds for non-Presidential races are even more disparate, with some books paying out hundreds or even thousands of dollars more for the same exact wager!

How long will it take my betting site to grade the 2020 US Presidential election results?

Most Presidential elections to date – except for the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore – have been called just after midnight on Election Day. But disputed elections take longer to verify, and the 2020 election is shaping up to be the most disputed in history. This is especially true due to the lack of infrastructure to handle massive vote by mail ballots that are being promoted in many states for the first time (and with very little lead time, no less). Thus, we don’t expect the 2020 Presidential election to be called until a week or so after November 3, after which point your wagers will be graded and payouts sent. Bitcoin and crypto allow for same-day payouts once your bets are graded, with other withdrawal methods taking between 2-5 days on average. Please remember that you must deposit with cryptocurrency in order to be paid out in cryptocurrency.

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