Democratic Betting Odds For The  2016 Primary Nomination And General Election

Betting on who will win the democrat primary is a popular political pastime enjoyed by millions of gambling enthusiasts.   While online access to this type of entertainment may be fairly new, betting on who will win the democrat nomination is as old as the election itself.  It actually used to be an accepted part of the political process in the early 1900s, and could bring in a hefty payday for those whose predictions were on the money.  With today’s statistical tools and scientific polls, it should be even easier to make an accurate prediction of who will come out on top.

This page of our guide is focused on providing helpful information for those interested in betting on the democratic primary.  We will keep the page updated with the latest betting odds for the democratic primary and state caucus events.  The odds are based on how the candidates are fairing in the race, and you will see the odds fluctuate as polls change scandals erupt and the election draws nearer.  Our recommendations for sites that offer betting lines on politics offer the most competitive odds and lines in the business.

Who is going to win?

Hillary Clinton successfully emerged as the democratic presidential nominee.  She effectively beat Bernie Sanders, who ran largely on a socialist platform, something our nation is clearly not ready to embrace. Clinton now battles head to head with Donald Trump for the highest office in the nation, President of the United States. Her numerous scandals and the FBI investigation has rendered her untrustworthy by undecided and moderate democrats, but she maintains a slight lead in the polls in most blue states.  With only a few weeks until the election, its anyone’s game.  Our homepage offers the latest odds of who will win the 2016 Presidential Election.

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Democratic Betting Odds

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Current Polls and Predictions
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    • Win General Election

    • Win The State Of Utah

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    • Win General Election


Odds To Win Democratic Nomination:  -700
Political Experience:  Former First Lady when Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas and President of the United States; former NY Senator; former Secretary of State.
Political Party Affiliation:  Democrat

Where she stands on the issues:

Immigration: Clinton supports a path to citizenship
Gun Control: Clinton supports tighter gun control and more regulations on gun ownership
Climate Change: Clinton supports action on climate change
Syrian Refugees:  Clinton supports allowing Syrian refugees
Healthcare:  Clinton supports keeping the Affordable Care Act and expanding it
Abortion:  Clinton is pro-abortion
Death Penalty: Clinton supports the death penalty
Taxes: Clinton supports increasing tax rates on the wealthy


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Democrats That Have Dropped Out Of The Race

Bernie Sanders
Martin O’Malley


Is It Legal To Bet On Who Will Win The Democratic Nominee?

The answer to this question is completely dependent on where you are placing your bets.  US residents often find the topic of online gambling legality to be confusing and difficult to navigate. You will be pleased to hear that there are no federal gambling laws that prohibit US residents from participating in legally licensed and regulated online betting that is offered by legitimate online sportsbooks that are located outside of the United States. Unless you live in the state of Washington, there are not any state laws that make it illegal to bet on who will win the democrat nomination at legal offshore sportsbooks. You are not breaking any type of laws by enjoying online political betting as long as you make sure the destination at which you are betting is legally operating within the industry.  The sportsbooks you find recommended on this page fall into this category.

What Types of Bets are Available for Betting on the Democrat Nomination?

There are a few primary betting options that you will see at most all of our recommended sportsbooks: Who will win the democrat nomination? What gender will the democrat nominee be?  Who will be the democrat VP pick?  Who will the democrat winner be at the various state caucuses?  What will the gender balance be on the democratic presidential ticket? In addition to these various betting lines, you will also find additional bet variations, such as handicapping and over/under bets, among others.

Who Can Bet on the 2016 Democratic Primary?

You don’t have to be a democrat to bet on one. Anyone can bet on who will win the 2016 democrat nomination as long as you are old enough to legally participate in online betting (21+).  You may be a staunch conservative who will be voting republican this election, but that does not preclude you from predicting who will be on the democratic presidential ticket.  In addition to potentially being a moneymaker for bettors, political betting is also a lot of fun. Anyone who finds politics intriguing and thinks they are astute at interpreting the landscape would enjoy participating.

Where Can I Bet on Who Will Win the 2016 Democratic Nomination?

There are several top rated online sportsbooks that legally offer political betting lines to US players.  We have created a refined listing of recommendations that are based on our extensive review process for finding legally licensed, high quality and respected online betting destinations.  Each of these sites you see listed here has been vetted by our team of analysts to ensure you have access to the industry’s leading political betting sites.  These sites employ sophisticated security profiles to ensure that your personal and financial information is well protected.

Do any of the democratic presidential candidates support online gambling?

The only candidate that has made any comments one way or the other is Hillary Clinton.  She indicated that she is open to a research committee that would do an in-depth study regarding the benefits, disadvantages and ways that online gambling would impact the nation.  In other words, she wants more information before determining her position on the matter.  Neither Bernie Sanders nor Martin O’Malley have indicated how they feel on the topic.  In general, democrats have been more open to gambling in the United States than republicans have been.