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Ballot Counting

Trump and Biden Battle For The Presidency While The Odds Widen

America has made some progress finding a president in the electoral college haystack. The Associated Press has called Wisconsin and Michigan for Biden. Arizona is at 88% reporting with a Biden lead of about 70,000 votes. The only states that haven’t been called yet are Alaska, Nevada, Pennsylvania, North
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Trump Rally

Electoral College In Suspense While Sportsbooks Odds Flipflop

To say that this election has been vexing is an understatement. Americans from both parties have voted in record amounts, and for some, it seems like their worlds hang on the end of the political string. Both Trump and Biden have electoral college paths to victory, and now all we can do is watch and […]
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Political Election Betting

Presidential Election Odds Close as Election Day Worries Materialize

One hundred million Americans have already cast their vote for the next President of the United States. Officials expect millions more at the ballots today. The close attention the election gets reflects high action on the Presidential election odds in the sportsbooks. First, what can we expect this election day?
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Trump talks to rally

Biden and Trump’s Rust-Belt Rumble, Last Chance For Presidential Election Betting

With less than 24 hours until election day, here’s what you need to know. This is your last chance to wager on the high action presidential election odds. The last day of campaigning for both candidates will be in the rust-belt trio states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Both sportsbooks and polls
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Trump touts coronavirus statistics

Trump and Biden Face-off With Covid-19 While Presidential Election Odds Shift

Trump and Biden Face-off With Covid-19 While Presidential Election Odds Shift There’s so much happening in just the four days until November 3rd, and it’s hard to wrap your head around. News can be overwhelming, implicitly biased, and downright conflicting. At PEO we give it to you straight, no BS, no
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Trump Florida Rally

Trump And Biden Rally In Florida And 2020 Election Odds Tighten

The 2020 Presidential candidates set their sights on the battleground state of Florida. This swing state could either hand Democratic hopeful Joe Biden a clear path to victory or give incumbent Donald Trump a big fighting chance. Contrary to the polls, sportsbooks show a slight Republican favor for Florida’s
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American voters at the polls

Why Question The Polls And Why Not To Question The Odds

This is an age-old question for concerned citizens and bettors alike – which is better, the polls or the odds? Today we look at how Joe Biden and Donald Trump are strategizing the last few days of campaigning and how distrust of the polls affects the 2020 Presidential election. Americans are viewing two different
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Supreme Court Nominee

Amy Barrett Confirmation Vote Takes Place While Presidential Election Odds Vary

The US Senate prepares to vote to confirm Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett in a Senate session Monday night. Senate Republicans closed the SCOTUS hearings last week, voting 12-0 in unanimous support to move the confirmation onto the full Senate floor. Democrats boycotted the vote. Sunday was the last day of
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Trump and Biden in front of red and blue star background

Odds And Standings Released Before Final Presidential Debate

With election day just weeks away, many expect the final presidential debate to be pivotal for both the Biden and Trump campaigns. As it stands, Biden leads in the polls by a significant margin. The Biden campaign has raised more funds and has spent more than the Trump administration in ad messaging. Actual swing
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Trump Biden faceoff

MyBookie Drops 55 New Props For Final Presidential Debate

On Thursday, October 22nd, the final Presidential debate of the 2020 election takes place. President Trump equivocated over the second debate, mainly due to the Presidential Debate Commission’s decision to hold a virtual second presidential debate after Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis. Trump’s
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