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Bernie Sanders leads all 2020 Democratic candidates with $18.2 million raised in Q1 2019

“Show me the money!”-Bernie Sanders, probably.

During the first quarter of 2019, the Vermont senator raised $18.2 million in the six weeks since his official announcement in mid-February and takes the top spot among candidates in the Democratic field seeking to win the 2020 presidential election.

Donations and contributions from fundraising are the life-blood of any presidential campaign — shocking, I know — and without them, you’re candidate might as well stick a fork in his or her bid because it’ll be well-done.

And because of this well-known fact, the 2020 presidential election odds will likely see drastic changes as candidates surprise or disappoint with their campaign’s fundraising efforts. However, the Democrats have a lot of ground to catch up seeing as how President Donald Trump has reportedly raised over $100 million in his re-election bid since 2017.

All 2020 presidential candidates who’ve accepted donations in the first quarter of 2019 must report all funds raised in Q1 by April 15. Below is the list of candidates who’ve announced their first-quarter total this week.

First Quarter fundraising totals as of April 3, 2019.

Bernie Sanders – $18.2 million

2020 election odds: +650 | 13.33%

  • Number of individual donors: ~525,000
  • Average donation: ~$34
  • Additional info: Campaign started with $14 million and has raised a total of $32 million in 41 days (six weeks); 525,000 made a total of 900,000 contributions averaging $20 per contribution; 99.5% of donations were $100 or less; 88% of donations were $200 or less; 99.6% of the money raised came online; 100,000 registered Independents and 20,000 registered Republicans have donated; 99.99% of donors can contribute again; Majority of donors were under 39 years old

Kamala Harris – $12 million

2020 election odds: +650 | 13.33%

  • Number of donors: 218,000
  • Average donation: ~$55
  • Additional Notes: Total amount accounts for two-plus months of fundraising; 98% of donations were under $100; $6 million came from her digital programs and email supporter list; raised $1.1 million in the past week; 0.55% of donors gave $2,800 – the maximum amount allowed by law

Beto O’Rourke – $9.4 million

Current 2020 election odds: +900 | 10.00%

  • Number of individual donors: 218,000
  • Average donation: ~$43
  • Additional info: Total amount accounts for funds raised in the 18 days since official announcement; $6.1 million was raised on the first day after announcing his presidential bid; campaign took in an average of $520,000 per day since announcement; biggest occupation contributor were teachers; 99% of funds came online during his tour of 9 states

Pete Buttigieg – $7 million

2020 election odds: +2800 | 3.45%

  • Number of donors: 158,550
  • Average donation: $36.35
  • Additional info: 64% of the $7 million total comes from contributions less than $200

Andrew Yang – $1.7 million

2020 election odds: +2200 | 4.35%

  • Number of individual donors: over 80,000
  • Average donation: $17.92
  • Additional info: Total raised is from February and March combined; 99% of donations under $200; raised over $250,000 in just the last four days of March; crossed the 65,000 individual donation requirement which makes him the first non-elected official in 40 years to make the Democratic debate stage

Other 2020 Candidates Fundraising Efforts

Julián Castro (+7500|1.32%) – The former San Antonio mayor told MSNBC earlier this week that he has yet to reach the 65,000-donor threshold that is required to qualify for the Democratic Presidential debates beginning in June.

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