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Joe Biden Inauguration Odds Trending At Top Election Betting Sites

Well, it’s officially official: Donald Trump is finished.

Yeah, he might be President for another 36 hours or so, but he’s done.

Trump, #YoureFired! (In before the Twitter trend…)

How do we know?

Well, it’s simple, really. Today is the first time in the last half decade that you won’t find any Trump odds online.

Joe Biden has officially taken over the limelight at the best online betting sites for Presidential election odds.

Of course, political props are notorious for staying up on the betting boards for all of 20 minutes, so you’ll want to jump on these ASAP.

The best site for betting on tomorrow’s Biden inauguration is BetOnline, which has posted several amusing (albeit mostly vanilla) Joe Biden odds for your viewing and gambling pleasure.

2021 Joe Biden Inauguration Odds

Via BetOnline

Will Joe Biden put the wrong hand on the Bible during his Presidential Oath?

  • No -20000
  • Yes +1600

Joe Biden has been inaugurated into office every few years for the better part of a half century, so there’s no reason to think he’d put the wrong hand on the Bible.

In fact, such an error would be a first for any President.

That said, the betting limits in play at BetOnline mean that this wager isn’t going to pay out more than a dollar or two, even if you risk the maximum.

For that reason alone, we advise saving your money for some of the more valuable political props to follow.

Will Joe Biden wear a face covering during his Presidential Oath?

  • No -5000
  • Yes +1200

Biden didn’t wear a mask during the Presidential debates, so it’s unlikely that he’ll wear one here, particularly with the whole world watching.

Still, masks have become a kind of political statement and Democratic policy platform over the last year, so it wouldn’t really be a surprise to see Biden wear one during the Oath itself.

As with the above wager, the favorite pays out too little to interest us. However, since there’s a chance Biden will mask up for the ceremony, we like the payout on “Yes” at +1200.

How many words will Joe Biden flub during his Presidential Oath?

  • Under 0.5 -200
  • Over 0.5 +150

The Presidential Oath of Office is 39 words long, and it goes like this:

“I do solemnly swear [or affirm] that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God.”

It seems straightforward enough. We like the under at -200.

How long will Joe Biden take to recite the Pledge of Allegiance?

  • Under 17.5 seconds -140
  • Over 17.5 seconds +100

Most people take about 10-12 seconds to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, even when speaking relatively slowly.

We like the under at -140 odds.

What will Joe Biden say first during his inauguration speech?

  • God -180
  • Faith +140

This is a very tough call, especially since the two words are so intimately linked in spirit and theme.

Biden will likely say both, but contextually, it could go either way.

Our gut agrees with the bettors on the favorite, though it’s really a coin-flip. And because of that, we’ll take the better payout on “Faith” at +140.

What will Joe Biden say first during his inauguration speech?

  • America -140
  • Nation +100

“America” should be the clear favorite here, and it is.

Even more, we like the payout at -140, as this opened the day at -120 and should continue to climb until betting closes.    

What will Joe Biden say first during his inauguration speech?

  • Future -175
  • Journey +135

As far as we’re concerned, this is absolutely another betting line that’s in clear “coin-flip” territory.

As always, when that happens, we like to take the better payout on the underdog.

“Journey” at +135 is where we’re putting our money.

At what point will Joe Biden first say “America United” in his inauguration speech?

  • 10:00 minutes or more-125
  • 5:00-9:59 minutes +125
  • 0:01-4:59 minutes +200

This one is too esoteric to make even an educated guess. We’re staying away, but if we had to go on this line, we’d take the biggest payout on the first five minutes.

Will Joe Biden say “Scranton” in his inauguration speech?

  • No -250
  • Yes +170

Biden is from Scranton, and Pennsylvania was instrumental in his electoral victory, so a shoutout to the hometown seems inevitable. Plus, as the underdog, it’s a got a compelling payout.

We like “Yes” at +170.

Will Joe and Jill Biden kiss on the lips?

  • No -350
  • Yes +225

Honestly, this seems inevitable and perfectly appropriate, so we can’t understand why it isn’t the favorite here. We definitely like the “Yes” at +225.

How many words will be in Joe Biden’s inauguration speech?

  • Over 1500 Words -1000
  • Under 1500 Words +550

1500 words isn’t particularly long, even by short speech standards. As such, the over makes a lot of sense.

But really, it’s just a matter of whether or not the BetOnline limits in play make the risk on something so uncertain worth it for your bottom line.

We’re passing, but we tend to agree with the bettors here.

Will the value of Bitcoin be up or down at 4:30 PM EST on 1/20/21?

  • Up -160
  • Down +120

Finally, a prop that really matters. At least, if you’re hodling Bitcoin.

We are, and the cryptocurrency has been enjoying a Biden-fueled ride to new heights since the President-elect beat Trump back in November.

It might be wishful thinking on our part, but we’re taking the “Up” at -160.

And when we win, we’re buying more Bitcoin!

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