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Prop Bets For Trump's Speech

Betting Props For The Presidential Debate

2016 Presidential Debate: Will Donald Trump Wear A Red Tie – Wanna Bet On It?

It may come as a bit of a surprise to some of you out there, but you absolutely can bet on whether or not Donald Trump will wear a red tie or not to the first Presidential Debate of the 2016 Election. At the time of this writing the current odds for Trump’s tie color being red are -800 for yes and +500 for no. This is just one example of what we call a ‘props’ bet.

These types of bets are still odds based, but do not really require much technical knowledge in order to get in on the action. Props bets often ask bettors to predict a multitude of events, such as statistics on phrases that will be used, the expected color of the subject’s clothing, who will perform specific actions first, etc.

These bets are also very popular in sports related wagering, particularly with big events like the Super Bowl. You may see an option to bet on who will score first or which player’s wife will be shown on camera first. Prop bets have mass appeal because they don’t require technical knowledge.

Bets associated with the 2016 Presidential Debate don’t require extensive political knowledge or specific political leanings in order to participate. I consider prop bets to be the ‘fun’ side of political wagering. By offering these types of betting lines, sportsbooks are appealing to not only casual and die hard gamblers, but also to individuals who wouldn’t normally engage in any type of line betting.

The 2016 presidential debate prop bets and their results will not affect the odds on who will win the overall election, or which party will win the election. Those lines will be much more affected by the actual results of the debate performances by each candidate than they will by the results of prop bets, which to be honest, cover topics that are pretty much inconsequential when it comes to politics.

These bets may not matter much in the big picture of politics, but they can matter to your bankroll if you place your wagers right! Believe it or not you can bring it a hefty payday if you correctly predict these bets.

We have decided to come up with some prop bets that are a little more interesting and delve a little more deeply into the core of who each candidate is. Lets just say we decided to go deeper than their clothing color choices. If we were in charge of creating the betting lines for prop bets, here’s what we would include:

Prop Bets That Matter – And That Might Make America Great Again

By the end of the debate, how many different races will Donald Trump offend?
3 -200
1 +150

How many women will be sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton during the debate?
more than 2 -300
0 +200

If Bill Clinton is not busy assaulting women, will he stay awake during the debate?
No -900
Yes +12000

Will stocks go up during the debate for the brands of hair products used by Trump?
Yes -250
No +175

How many world leaders will receive an invoice during the debate for building a wall by Donald Trump?
2 -115
5 +115

How many whistle blowers will be killed by the Clinton campaign during the debate?
3 -325
1 +700

How many emails will be deleted by the Clinton campaign during the debate?
375 -500
8000 +25

We are not bookmakers and cannot place your bets, but feel free to send us your money anytime. However, if you’d like to place some legitimate props bets at respected sportsbooks, you can access legally sanctioned sports betting sites from the list of approved destinations recommended on this website.

Clearly we are just having a little fun with the prop bets.  If you want to see the real prop bets for tonight, check out the link below.

Prop Bets Offered At Bovada Sportsbook For The 09/26/2016 Debate

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