Joe Biden

Joe Biden

2020 Super Tuesday Betting Odds

2020 Super Tuesday Democratic Primary Betting Odds Guide

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and although the 16 Democratic primary elections aren’t for all the marbles, they will account for about one-third of all delegates up for grabs. A total of 1,357 delegates from 14 states—plus American Samoa caucuses and the Democrats Abroad primary—will be awarded on Mar. 3 (Democrats
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Super Tuesday Prop Bets: Over/Under Total Delegates Won By 2020 Democrats

The 2020 Democratic presidential nominee odds and what each candidates’ chances are will begin to paint a clearer picture once the dust settles from Super Tuesday. A total of 1,344 pledged delegates will be awarded on Tues., Mar. 3, and the current betting odds for Super Tuesday favor Bernie Sanders winning a
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Bettors Are Ridin’ With Biden To Win South Carolina Primary

Just when you thought he was out, Joe Biden pulled us back in. After Biden suffered three consecutive disappointing finishes in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada — the latter of which he led in the polls less than a month prior — the former Vice President is going “all-in” to make a final stand in […]
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South Carolina debate stage

South Carolina Primary Odds And Democratic Debate Prop Betting Guide 

There’s no way to downplay how important tonight is for the remaining Democratic candidates and how each individual performance could positively or negatively impact their odds to win the 2020 presidential election. Seven Democrats will take the stage this evening. Whether you’re curious about the
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Biden Bernie South Carolina Odds

Biden Slightly Favored Over Sanders To Win South Carolina Primary

With three states in the books, the 2020 Democratic presidential race turns to South Carolina, the fourth and final early state primary to vote before Super Tuesday. And the updated South Carolina primary odds show former Vice President Joe Biden listed as a slight favorite over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to win
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Bernie Leading All Dems In NH, Still Can’t Trump The Donald For Best Election Odds

The New Hampshire primaries are on Tuesday, and there is tremendous interest to see how the field coalesces after last week’s Iowa Caucastrophe. After that four-star ****show, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders – who came away from the nation’s first party vote in a virtual dead heat with Pete Buttigieg and earned 12
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Bernie Sanders Is Now Favored To Win Iowa, New Hampshire And 2020 Democratic Nomination

With the first votes of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary set to be cast on Feb. 3, it appears no one can stop the surge from Sanders. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has once again overtaken former Vice President Joe Biden to become the odds-on favorite to win the Democratic nomination. Bernie’s betting odds
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Biden Back As Democratic Favorite, Sanders Tops Odds To Win Iowa/NH

With less than two weeks before the first votes of the Democratic primary are cast, it appears the political bettors for the presidential election are still unsure who will face Donald Trump on Nov. 3, 2020. However, the Democratic nominee odds over the past month have indicated the race heavily favors two
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Yang Beats Trump, According To The Oddsmakers

Regardless of what polls and pundits say, it’s going to be difficult for the eventual Democrat nominee to beat President Donald Trump. Along with having the incumbency advantage, most enormous war chest, 24/7 media attention, Trump’s reelection odds have made it clear that he’s the favorite heading in the 2020
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Biden, Sanders Pull-Ahead As Clear Favorites To Win Democratic Nomination

With 27 days remaining until the first votes are cast in Iowa to begin the Democratic presidential primary, the odds indicate that we may be in for a two-person race for the nomination. The latest 2020 Democratic nominee betting odds show former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders as the clear
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