Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday

Joe Jill Biden Odds

Super Thursday Odds Favor Betting On Best Biden Gaffes

Happy Super Thursday, everyone! And what a superb Thor’s Day it has been so far. Isn’t that right, Joe Biden? C’mon, man. All men and women are created by you know, you know the thing? Look, fa(c)t. Here’s the deal: The fact of the matter is Biden’s odds to win the 2020 U.S.
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Joe Biden Odds

2020 Democratic Nominee Odds Favor Biden Over Sanders After Super Tuesday

The primary takeaway from Super Tuesday is the road to the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination is now much clearer. Now, the primary is a two-candidate race: Joe Biden vs. Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden’s odds of winning the nomination for the Democratic Party are now -450 (or 2/9), with an implied
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Biden Bernie Super Tuesday Odds

2020 Super Tuesday Democratic Presidential Primary Betting Predictions

Voters in fourteen states, as well as the American Samoa caucuses and Democrats Abroad primary, head to the polls today for the Super Tuesday primary elections, but who’s favored to win? The GOP nomination is a lock at this point, and President Donald Trump’s odds of becoming the 2020 Republican
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2020 Super Tuesday Betting Odds

2020 Super Tuesday Democratic Primary Betting Odds Guide

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and although the 16 Democratic primary elections aren’t for all the marbles, they will account for about one-third of all delegates up for grabs. A total of 1,357 delegates from 14 states—plus American Samoa caucuses and the Democrats Abroad primary—will be awarded on Mar. 3 (Democrats
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Super Tuesday Prop Bets: Over/Under Total Delegates Won By 2020 Democrats

The 2020 Democratic presidential nominee odds and what each candidates’ chances are will begin to paint a clearer picture once the dust settles from Super Tuesday. A total of 1,344 pledged delegates will be awarded on Tues., Mar. 3, and the current betting odds for Super Tuesday favor Bernie Sanders winning a
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Odds Favor Bernie Sanders To Win 12 Of 14 Super Tuesday Primary States

Following last night’s uneventful South Carolina Democratic debate, there has been little to no change across the board in regards to the 2020 election odds. After winning the most votes in three consecutive early primary states, Bernie Sanders is the clear favorite to win the 2020 Democratic presidential
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