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Trump Giving Wall Speech

Oddsmakers Put Out Betting Lines on Trump’s Border Wall Speech

Oddsmakers at several betting sites were quick to list different types of prop bets and update 2020 election odds after President Donald Trump announced on Monday that he would be addressing the nation in prime time from the Oval Office tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

The topic of his address will be on funding the border wall and the ongoing government shutdown, which began 18 days ago on Dec. 22, 2018.

His speech will be broadcast on the national networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, and Fox) along with the major cable news networks (CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC).

After Trump’s speech, which is expected to last around ten minutes, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will share the Democratic rebuttal and will be given equal time by all network to respond to the address.

Below are all the betting lines and odds available for tonight’s speech along with the current 2020 Presidential Odds, which could shift dramatically depending on what the public’s reaction to Trump’s speech is after tonight.

Bookmaker.eu Odds

False Statements Trump Makes During 9pm Address

Will be graded according to the Washington Post Fact Checker

Over 3.5 (-250)

Under 3.5 (+200)

US Government Shutdown Finish On or Before Jan. 18, 2019

Yes (-115 odds)

No (-115 odds)

Will Trump Declare a National Emergency

Yes (+450 odds)

No (-650 odds)

MyBookie Odds

How Long Will Trump’s Speech Last?

Over 8.5 minutes (-120 odds)

Under 8.5 minutes ( -120 odds)

What Color Tie Will Trump Wear?

Red (-400 odds)

Blue (+300 odds)

Striped (+400 odds)

Any Other Color (+700 odds)

How Many Times Will Trump Say “Wall?”

Over 7.5 (-120 odds)

Under 7.5 (-120 odds)

How Many Times Will Trump Say “Crisis?”

Over 6.5 (-120 odds)

Under 6.5 (-120 odds)

Will Funding For the Border Wall Be Approved?

Yes (+150 odds)

No (-200 odds)

Who Will Speak First After Trump’s Speech?

Nancy Pelosi (-200 odds)

Chuck Schumer (+150 odds)

How Long Will The Democrat Rebuttal Last?

Over 11.5 minutes (-120 odds)

Under 11.5 minutes (-120 odds)

Bovada Odds

In addition to the prop bets available on tonight’s speech, here are the latest odds from Bovada on whether Trump will be impeached during his first term and who is currently leading the presidential race for 2020.

Will Trump be Impeached by the House in his 1st Term?

Yes (+140 odds)

No (-170 odds)

2020 Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump (+150 odds)

Beto O’Rourke (+1000 odds)

Kamala Harris (+1000 odds)

Bernie Sanders (+1400 odds)

Joe Biden (+1400 odds)

Elizabeth Warren (+1500 odds)

Cory Booker (+2000 odds)

Mike Pence (+2000 odds)

Kirsten Gillibrand (+3000 odds)

Amy Klobuchar (+3000 odds)

Hillary Clinton (+3000 odds)

Oprah Winfrey (+3000 odds)

Michelle Obama (+3000 odds)

The Rock (+4000 odds)

Michael Avenatti (+4000 odds)

Andrew Cuomo (+5000 odds)

John Kasich (+5000 odds)

Michael Bloomberg (+5000 odds)

Mitch Landrieu (+5000 odds)

Nikki Haley (+5000 odds)

Paul Ryan (+5500 odds)

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