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New Political Prop Bets For Debates, COVID-19, Nobel Prize, and President Pelosi?

The Presidential election campaigns for Joe Biden and Donald Trump are heating up, with two weeks to go until the first debate and less than two months until Americans cast their votes for who will be the next person to ascend to the Oval Office.

Because of the increased activity on the campaign schedule, it could be assumed that political prop bets would pop up more frequently, but that hasn’t been the case over the last few weeks.

As Presidential candidates and Congressional contenders fall by the wayside, so do the opportunities to bet on them.

Now that we’ve rounded the corner and are now firmly entrenched in the home stretch of the Presidential election cycle, political props have returned to the boards at MyBookie and they provide some interesting insight into what could potentially occur between now and January 21, the day the next POTUS will be sworn in.

The first Presidential debate will occur on Tuesday, September 19th, in Cleveland, Ohio, but Biden and Trump have still not finalized the details on how the event will be handled.

Although Trump has recently pulled even with Biden in the Presidential betting odds, Joe seems to be sticking to his guns when it comes to the debates. His campaign feels that he doesn’t need them to win, and it is possible that they could decide to refrain from participation.

The following four Presidential debate betting lines imply the very real possibility that Biden will not participate in all of the debates. While individual lines favor his participation in each debate, the odds for him participating in all three feature “no” as a heavy favorite.

Will Joe Biden Participate In All 3 Debates?

  • Yes +155
  • No -220

Will Joe Biden Participate In The First Debate?

  • Yes -250
  • No +170

Will Joe Biden Participate In The Second Debate?

  • Yes -160
  • No +120

Will Joe Biden Participate In The Third Debate?

  • Yes -250
  • No +170

Odds asking bettors to decide which date that the loser of the 2020 Presidential election will concede has been produced, and the line indicates that the concession will occur the day after votes are cast. Many pundits are predicting that Trump will contest the election if he loses, and this line could be evidence of that possibility.

Day The Loser Concedes The 2020 US Election?

  • Nov 4, 2020 -110
  • Nov 3, 2020 +400
  • Nov 5, 2020 +500
  • Nov 13, 2020 Or Later +500
  • Nov 6, 2020 +600
  • Nov 7, 2020 +700
  • Nov 8, 2020 +800
  • Nov 9, 2020 +900
  • Nov 10, 2020 +1200
  • Nov 11, 2020 +1200
  • Nov 12, 2020 +1200

If all votes are not counted, or the election winner is held up by a court battle, then the Speaker of the US House of Representatives will become the President and assume command. Currently, Representative Nancy Pelosi is the House Majority Leader and Speaker, and now there are odds on her chances at the White House in 2021.

The odds of this occurring are very low, but just the appearance of these betting lines is proof that it is within the realm of possibility. A wager of $100 on Pelosi to become the next POTUS will payout at $7,000 if it happens.

What Position Will Nancy Pelosi Hold On Jan 21, 2021?

  • Speaker Of The House -50000
  • US President +7000

Another factor that could cause a huge swing this election year is a vaccine for COVID-19. Being able to control the current contagion would inspire confidence in voters for Trump if it could debut before ballots are cast.

Alternatively, if either candidate were to contract the Coronavirus, it would make them look weak in the eyes of Americans and would almost certainly harm their chances of winning. The following two lines point toward Biden not contracting COVID-19, as well as no cure appearing on the market prior to election day.

Will Joe Biden Positive COVID-19 Before Sept 19, 2020?

  • Yes +155
  • No -220

Will Covid-19 Vaccine Approved Before Nov 3, 2020?

  • Yes +450
  • No -900

Last but not least is a betting line on Donald Trump’s chances at winning the Nobel Peace Prize following his double nomination for peace deals with Serbia and Kosovo, and the United Arab Emirates and Israel. What may seem like a joke to many in the USA is the very real possibility that Trump will win the award, as he is favored to do so.

Will Donald Trump Win The Nobel Peace Prize?

  • Yes -160
  • No +120

These political prop bets are a lot of fun to wager on, but act fast, because they come and go from the boards often.

Source: Fox News

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