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A Woman In The White House? Not Likely, Says Oddsmakers

The United States of America has had its fair share of great Presidents, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. It has also had a number of bad Presidents like Richard Nixon and James Buchanan. Regardless of their rankings or satisfaction surveys, every POTUS shares one common
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Hillary Clinton Entering The Race Would Burn The 2020 Election To The Ground

If you thought the final season of Game of Thrones was terrible, remember how it made no sense for Daenerys Targaryen to burn King’s Landing to the ground? I mean, Daenerys spent the entire series getting to that point only for her to throw it all away just so the plot could have her go […]
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deval patrick announces presidential run

Lacking Odds And Recognition, Deval Patrick Officially Announces 2020 Campaign

After mulling a 2020 presidential run earlier this week, Deval Patrick has officially decided to enter the White House race just a few months before the Iowa Democratic caucus in February. Through his official Twitter account, Patrick revealed his intentions to build a “more inclusive American Dream for everyone.”
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Warren’s Winter? Her 2020 Odds Fall As Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg Close Gap

With the Summer Surge in the rearview mirror and the end of Fall coming into focus, it’s beginning to look like Elizabeth Warren may be in for a long, cold winter. And while she maintains her top spot in the latest 2020 Democratic Nominee odds, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigieg have closed the […]
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no this is deval patrick

Another Day, Another Dem: Deval Patrick, With No Chance To Beat Trump, Mulls 2020 Run

Another day, another Democrat wants to join the 2020 race. Here’s how I like to imagine the conversation between Democrat mega-donors and former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick went down last week: Democratic establishment: “Is this a Democratic candidate who will vote for whatever we want and legitimately
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Obama Family 2008

11 Years Ago Today, Barack Obama Was The Heavy Favorite To Win The 2008 Presidential Election

On an unusually warm 60 degree Nov. 4 evening in Chicago’s Grant Park, Barack Obama delivered his victory speech upon being declared the winner of the 2008 Presidential Election—becoming the first African American to be elected President of the United States. This pivotal moment in U.S. history arrived
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New Poll Shows Americans Lean Against Trump Impeachment, But Odds Are Against The President

With the odds of Trump’s impeachment fluctuating daily, a new poll may provide some insight into why that’s the case. According to a new poll conducted by Suffolk University and USA Today, Americans are evenly split across party lines on whether President Donald Trump should be impeached. Trump Impeachment Poll
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Top 5 Democrat Odds

The Top 5 Democrats With The Best Odds To Win The 2020 Nomination

The public betting market for politics can change on a dime, and you don’t need to look any further than the 2020 Democratic Nomination odds this year to see proof of that. Remember when Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke were the favorites back in January? Remember how Elizabeth Warren plummeted on the board
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