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‘Multiple Whistleblowers’ To Come Forward Against Trump, Odds Favor Impeachment

Another whistle is about to be blown.

The impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s dealing with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky was originally launched on September 24 after a whistleblower’s complaint was filed in August.

Over the last couple of weeks, Trump has decried the complaint, claiming that the whistleblower is using secondhand information and that the phone call with Zelesnky was “perfect.”

But over the weekend, news broke that more whistleblowers would be stepping forward, confirmed by the legal team representing them.

Mark Zaid, a member of the firm, told ABC News that the second whistleblower is a member of the intelligence community with firsthand knowledge of the allegations against Trump.

Another member of the firm, Andrew Bakaj, confirmed this information on Twitter.

“I can confirm that my firm and my team represent multiple whistleblowers,” Bakaj tweeted early Sunday morning.

It’s unclear exactly how many “multiple” whistleblowers there are now, but at least two have been confirmed by the firm.

Trump is not taking the news of a new whistleblower lightly, although he has already publicly denounced them. Tweeting this morning, Trump again said that his call with Zelensky was perfect without any pressure.

“Bring in another whistleblower from the bench!” Trump finished.

Not only has Trump criticized the new whistleblower on Twitter, but he has also called for the impeachments of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff.


The President also alluded to the impeachment of Utah Senator Mitt Romney, although Romney could only be expelled, not impeachment, according to Article 1, Section 5 of the United States Constitution.

Until the second whistleblower reveals any new information they may have, the impeachment inquiry will likely remain a battle of tweets and subpoenas.

Nevertheless, Trump’s odds still favor his impeachment during his first term at -145 chances, or 59.18%. On Friday, the same bet favored his impeachment at -150 odds.

Will Trump be impeached in his first term?

Via Bovada

  • Yes -145
  • No +110

Despite the odds favoring his impeachment, Trump is still the favorite to win the 2020 Presidential Election at +125 odds. With a 44.44% chance of winning next year, Trump tops Elizabeth Warren (+250, 28.57%) and Joe Biden (+700, 12.50%).

2020 Presidential Election Odds

Via Bovada

  • Donald Trump +125
  • Elizabeth Warren +250
  • Joe Biden +700
  • Andrew Yang +1500
  • Bernie Sanders +2000
  • Pete Buttigieg +2000
  • Kamala Harris +3300
  • Tulsi Gabbard +6000
  • Beto O’Rourke +7500
  • Cory Booker +10000
  • Julian Castro +10000
  • Amy Klobuchar +12500
  • Marianne Williamson +20000
  • Tom Steyer +20000

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