Amy Coney Barrett sitting next to Lindsey Graham

Prop Bets Highlight 3rd Day Of SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings For Amy Coney Barrett

Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s US Senate Supreme Court confirmation hearings continue into the third day, and her performance depends heavily upon who is asking the questions. Supreme Court betting odds have also returned, indicating that offshore books are still focused on these proceedings despite the lines being
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Hunter and Joe Biden smiling

John McCain’s Widow Endorses Biden, As Senate Report Condemns Hunter

There have been many high-profile Republicans that have spoken out against Donald Trump’s campaign and endorsed Joe Biden as the next POTUS. Former Ohio governor John Kasich even went as far as speaking at the Democratic National Convention to make a clear statement that the nation is in peril if it continues
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg

US House Odds Appear As Senate Mulls SCOTUS Confirmation

On Friday, September 18th, the Supreme Court of the United States lost longtime member Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as she passed away at the age of 87. The Notorious RBG had been sitting on the bench of the SCOTUS since 1993, and seemed determined to outlive Donald Trump’s Presidency, her final act of defiance toward
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The Squad from the US House at a podium

What The Odds Tell Us About A DNC US House, Senate, & POTUS in 2020

Although we are just a few weeks out from November 3rd –  the date that Americans will venture to ballot boxes and select who they prefer to be the next President of the United States – there’s not much new activity when it comes to betting on the 2020 Presidential candidates. The betting odds for […]
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GOP Senate leadership gathered at a podium

US Senate Betting Lines Debut As State Campaigns Heat Up

Just yesterday, we were lamenting the fact that US Senate and House odds had disappeared from the boards and that there were no betting lines available for Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and their reelection chances. Today’s sunrise brought with it much more than a heaping helping of Vitamin D, as
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Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham walking together with masks on

McConnell Ahead, Graham Close In Senate Reelection Races

For some reason, betting lines for which political party would control the US House of Representatives and the US Senate disappeared from international sportsbooks over the past few weeks. The DNC has had a stranglehold on control of the US House since they gained a majority during the 2018 election cycle, a grip
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Lindsey Graham standing to the left of Mitch McConnell facing the press

US House And Senate Odds Favor DNC Control For The Next Two Years

Political betting odds suggest that both the US Senate and the US House will be controlled by a Democratic Party majority after all votes are counted in early November. Control of the US House has been a foregone conclusion for some time now. Even with Congressional term limits set at two years, districts are
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Lindsey Standing in front of Trump clinching his fist

Supreme Court Rules Trump’s Tax Records Can Be Subpoenaed – So He Bashes Sen. Graham?

So much for that pesky audit that has been keeping Trump from releasing his tax returns for the past five years. On Thursday, the United States Supreme Court ruled that President Donald Trump’s tax records can indeed be subpoenaed, despite his suggestion otherwise. If it weren’t for a mysterious audit
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