2024 Candidates

2024 Candidates

Andrew Yang 2020 Presidential Candidate

Andrew Yang’s 2020 Presidential Odds Skyrocket After Qualifying For First Democratic Debate, Now Listed as High as 20 to 1

After being labeled a “longshot” by most and having absolutely “no chance” by others, oddsmakers made it clear this week: Andrew Yang is now a 2020 presidential contender. Yang, a 44-year-old entrepreneur from New York, made headlines this week after announcing on Twitter that he had officially qualified for the
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2020 Women Candidates

IWD2019: Odds For Each of the Women Running For President in 2020

In our nation’s nearly quarter-millennia history, American voters came closer than ever to electing the first woman as President of the United States in 2016. Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, who became the first woman to earn the presidential nomination for from major political party, would come up short of the
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Trump is still the favorite for 2020

2020 Presidential Odds Update: Trump Remains the Favorite, Bernie and Biden Gain Ground on Kamala, and Beto Falls to 5th Place

After being taken down yesterday, the 2020 presidential odds return today and show significant movement among the top 5 candidates. President Donald Trump (+220 | 31.25%) remains the heavy favorite to win the 2020 Presidential Election in the updated odds. His odds fell slightly from his previous +200 listing. But
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Trump making faces

Odds For 2020 Presidential Election Made Unavailable as Trump Faces Investigations, Senate Vote on Border Emergency Declaration

One sportsbook has temporarily removed their 2020 Presidential Election odds. On Wednesday, odds on who will win the White House next year were taken off the board at Bovada bookmakers — due to the sweeping investigations against President Donald Trump (Bovada: +200 | 33.33%) and a pending Senate vote on his
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Beto gets ready to announce

Beto O’Rourke Has ‘Made A Decision’ on 2020 Presidential Run, Announcement Coming Soon

Will Beto run for president in 2020? It’s not official — but at this point, you can pretty much Beto-n him jumping into the race for the White House. Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke (Bovada +800|11.11%) released a statement on Wednesday that said he and his wife, Amy, have made a decision on whether O’Rourke […]
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2020 Democratic Candidates

The 2020 Election Strategy: Dems vs Trump

With the 2020 Election nearing, the Democratic party is scrambling to find ways to defeat Trump and the GOP. Southern US states have typically been the stomping grounds for Republicans including Trump, so in 2020 Democrats are focusing their strategy on these red states to flip them blue. Dems are also being
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