New Hampshire

New Hampshire

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Sanders Wins NH, Yang Steals Show And An Early Look At Nevada Caucus Odds

At the end of the first official election of the 2020 Democratic presidential election, there was an undisputable declared winner and one other candidate who left a lasting impact on American politics before the night’s end. Bernie Sanders won the 2020 New Hampshire primary last night, receiving 25.7% of the vote
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New Hampshire Primary Odds Heavily Favor Bernie Sanders As Polls Open

With the Iowa Democratic Caucastrophe now finally behind us—except not really since there will be at least a partial recanvass—we can now turn our attention to a real election, where the candidate with the most votes wins (a ludicrous concept, I know). The New Hampshire primary election, the second stop on the
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Bernie Leading All Dems In NH, Still Can’t Trump The Donald For Best Election Odds

The New Hampshire primaries are on Tuesday, and there is tremendous interest to see how the field coalesces after last week’s Iowa Caucastrophe. After that four-star ****show, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders – who came away from the nation’s first party vote in a virtual dead heat with Pete Buttigieg and earned 12
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Bernie Sanders Is Now Favored To Win Iowa, New Hampshire And 2020 Democratic Nomination

With the first votes of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary set to be cast on Feb. 3, it appears no one can stop the surge from Sanders. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has once again overtaken former Vice President Joe Biden to become the odds-on favorite to win the Democratic nomination. Bernie’s betting odds
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Biden Back As Democratic Favorite, Sanders Tops Odds To Win Iowa/NH

With less than two weeks before the first votes of the Democratic primary are cast, it appears the political bettors for the presidential election are still unsure who will face Donald Trump on Nov. 3, 2020. However, the Democratic nominee odds over the past month have indicated the race heavily favors two
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Bernie Sanders Opens As Favorite To Win New Hampshire Primary

With Bernie Sanders’ chances of placing first in the Iowa Caucuses steadily increasing over the past two weeks, the U.S. Senator from Vermont may have the second stop in the primary already in the bag. The opening New Hampshire betting odds released this week, and Sanders is the heavy favorite to win the second
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Buttigieg and Warren

2020 Election Odds Update: Pete Buttigieg And Elizabeth Warren Continue To Climb

Don’t look now — but 2020 Democratic candidates Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren are quickly gaining ground on the presidential favorites. Both Buttigieg and Warren have seen their 2020 Presidential Election odds improve more than any other candidate over the past month. Buttigieg, the South Bend, ID mayor, saw
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