Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

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Sanders And Buttigieg Secure Big Warchests, Booker Is Stayin’ Alive

The first of October is not just the beginning of “The 31 Nights of Halloween” on Freeform. October 1 also marks the end of the third quarter for politicians campaigning for the presidency. Candidates are not required to disclose their fundraising numbers to the Federal Election Commission until October 15, but
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Elizabeth Warren increases lead in odds following Houston debate

Over the course of three hours last night, ten of the Democratic Party’s most prominent names took the stage in Houston, Texas to discuss health care, gun control, immigration, and many other topics that are vital to daily America life. After everything was said and done, there was a shift in the party’s
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Elizabeth Warren Expected To Light Up Twitter During Debate, Plus More Prop Bets Available

Tonight is finally the night. After taking a hiatus during the month of August, the third Democratic debate kicks off tonight in Houston, Texas with all ten qualifying 2020 Democratic favorites on one stage. What’s even more exciting than the future of a major political party, however, are debate prop bets.
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September debate

Warren And Sanders Sandwich Biden In Houston Debate Lineup

With only ten candidates qualifying for the third Democratic debate in Houston, Texas, every party hopeful will be on stage together on Thursday, September 12. This debate marks the first time Democratic Party favorites Sen. Elizabeth Warren (+200) and former Vice President Joe Biden (+250) will take the same
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President Trump Twitter Prop Bets: Odds For Which 2020 Democratic Candidate Gets Nicknamed Next

Don’t worry: We promise this is not #fakenews. But oddsmakers chose to have a little fun today and posted some prop bets on President Donald Trump (+230) after his 50-tweet tirade on Twitter over the weekend. When the dust “somewhat” settled on Monday morning, the only person, place, or thing he didn’t lash out at
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Trump is still the favorite for 2020

2020 Presidential Odds Update: Trump Remains the Favorite, Bernie and Biden Gain Ground on Kamala, and Beto Falls to 5th Place

After being taken down yesterday, the 2020 presidential odds return today and show significant movement among the top 5 candidates. President Donald Trump (+220 | 31.25%) remains the heavy favorite to win the 2020 Presidential Election in the updated odds. His odds fell slightly from his previous +200 listing. But
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2020 Democratic Candidates

The 2020 Election Strategy: Dems vs Trump

With the 2020 Election nearing, the Democratic party is scrambling to find ways to defeat Trump and the GOP. Southern US states have typically been the stomping grounds for Republicans including Trump, so in 2020 Democrats are focusing their strategy on these red states to flip them blue. Dems are also being
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