Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Hunter under investigation

Electoral College Set To Finalize Votes As FBI Investigates Hunter Biden’s Taxes

PEO coverage of the 2020 presidential election continues as President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris roll out their picks for top administration positions. This comes after President Donald Trump cleared the way for Biden’s use of federal resources and briefings, despite not officially
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Trump 2024

Sportsbooks Favor Trump 2024 Election Bid As Next Presidential Election Speculation Grows.

The Supreme Court recently weighed in on a bid by Rep Mike Kelly (R-PA) and other GOP activists to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral college certification on Tuesday. In a one-sentence order, the court rejected the case. “The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice Alito and
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Georgia Senate Elections

Georgia Senate Election Odds Ramp Up, PEO Provides Debate Takeaways

For the past few weeks, the Georgia US Senate races have dominated political betting lines on our favorite online sportsbooks. The two Republican candidates, Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Sen. David Perdue, have maintained a substantial favor. US Senate Election Winner – Georgia (Special Election) Kelly Loeffler
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Trump Georgia Rally

Senate Election Odds Tighten, Trump Rallies In Valdosta, GA.

President Donald Trump sets his sight on Valdosta, GA this Saturday, scheduled to rally for Republican senatorial candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. His presence comes amid concerns by GOP officials on the effect of Trump’s voter-fraud allegations on the right-leaning Georgian electorate. Loeffler
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Donald Trump pardon

Pardon Betting Odds Proliferate As Donald Trump Considers Clemency For Key Associates

First reported by the New York Times, sources close to the President noted that Donald Trump is considering pardoning not only himself but family and close associates. Those individuals mentioned in the report are Donald Jr, Ivanka, Eric, son-in-law Jared Kushner, and personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. The source
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Biden and his supporters

Presidential Election Controversy Fizzles As Americans Look Towards The Future

The Trump campaign has ostensibly been losing steam in their fight to retain control of the Whitehouse. President Donald Trump recently appeared on a Fox News exclusive interview, his first since November 3rd. In the interview, the President questioned entities such as the Department of Justice and the Federal
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Biden Trump signs

Bookmakers Stand to Earn Biggest Score In Presidential Election Odds History

The 2020 Presidential election is not over until the fat lady sings, or in this case, until Rudy Giuliani stops sweating. Please, somebody, grab the poor (rich) man a towel. As we all know, the Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump main event is wrought with allegations of widespread voter fraud that successfully delays an
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Trump in office

Biden Prepares Transition as Donald Trump Schedules Press Conference Today

The state of Georgia officially finished their ballot recount today, poising Biden as once again the winner over Georgia’s electoral college votes. Governor Brian Kemp remained on the sidelines throughout the retallying process, refusing to comment on the Georgia recount. Later today however, Governor Kemp plans
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